50 Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving. Let’s call it what it is: a never-ending cooking marathon that ends with piles of dirty dishes and everyone sleeping on the couch with a full belly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of my favorite days of the year. But sometimes, you need your menu selections to do you a favor and, you know, won’t it be time consuming and difficult? These side dishes have been highly rated by thousands of home cooks and require little prep work and few ingredients. Save your energy for the main event and try these easy sides. Read on for our top 50 easy Thanksgiving side dishes.

This was the best cornbread I’ve had in a long time,” Lesamk enthuses. “It was very juicy and flavorful. I will use this recipe forever! I can’t wait to make Mexican cornbread with this recipe. It will certainly be delicious.”

This comforting casserole is ready in less than an hour. “Tender pumpkin, gooey cheese, and crunchy crackers make this a memorable side dish or hearty entrée,” says recipe creator ROSECART.

This old-fashioned family recipe won first place in a state fair competition, according to the recipe’s creator DCASH30526.

Bring on this colorful salad to liven up a casserole-filled Thanksgiving table. Recipe creator Marcia says, “A delicious departure from the typical pumpkin preparation, this recipe packs a nutty flavor with or without walnuts.”

The Allrecipes community can’t get enough of this top-rated sweet potato casserole – it has over 3,000 rave reviews from happy home cooks. Learn this technique from Chef John for the perfect fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth mashed potato. for your Thanksgiving party.

These non-traditional green beans are a unique addition to any Thanksgiving spread. Reviewer annersmarie says, “I’ve made these several times. They’re so easy to make, and I love how I don’t have to use butter.” Satisfy your sweet tooth with these candied sweet potatoes. Topped with marshmallows and flavored with brown sugar and cinnamon, this Thanksgiving side dish will be the star of the show.

White bread, onion, and seasonings are all it takes to make this top-notch recipe. “Turn boring brussels sprouts into a sophisticated garnish by combining earthy thyme, tart cranberries, and sweet maple syrup,” according to the recipe’s creator and Allrecipes Allstar. France C. “This lightly sweetened dish is a great way to bring out the delicious flavors of fall.”

These individually-served muffin cups make an elegant presentation for parties. But beware… it’s hard to have just one. Show off your fall harvest with this carrot dish that takes just 25 minutes to make!

This rich corn pudding is an easy addition to any Thanksgiving table. This rich corn pudding is an easy addition to any Thanksgiving table. “In this simple recipe, we focus on the basics—olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper—and let any additional garnishes be up to you.” to make. Even brussel sprout skeptics will love this easy recipe that comes together quickly with less than five ingredients.

“A brilliant contrast in flavors makes this salad a favorite among friends and family,” says the recipe submitter. “The yams have a subtle sweetness that pairs really well with caramelized onions and kale.”

Fresh green beans are simply seasoned with salt and pepper, then roasted until crisp to perfection. “This easy baked pumpkin is easy to make, delicious to eat, and looks beautiful on the plate,” according to the recipe submitter. winter favorite,” says recipe creator JPMJ. “I’m always looking forward to the pomegranates coming in season so I can make this again.” Use this simple stuffing recipe, made with easy-to-find kitchen staples, to stuff your turkey or enjoy as a side dish.

If you don’t want to make traditional mashed potatoes this year, try this kid-friendly alternative. This is a “seasonal vegetable casserole that is so easy to make,” says Saundra. “Can be made a day in advance, just reheat before serving.”

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