50 Food to Buffalo

You probably drizzle it on your wings by now, but Buffalo sauce deserves to be in all your savory recipes! Looking for tailgating treats? Then Buffalo Chicken Dip, Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken Nachos and Spicy Buffalo Chex® Mix should be on the menu. If you’re a fan of pasta, we’ve got you covered with Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Shells and Buffalo Chicken Lasagna. And even vegetarians can enjoy Buffalo sauce, thanks to plant-based recipes like Buffalo Cauliflower and Buffalo Tempeh Sliders. Try these Buffalo Sauce Recipes to add a spicy kick to your lunches, dinners, and snacks.

Get all the flavor of ranch-style chicken wings in this easy-to-serve sauce. It’s perfect for game day, especially with a side of celery and crackers for dipping. Your favorite comfort food just got a spicy twist! User George says: “Great dish! We doubled it up and took it to a BBQ.” Perfect for the kids, or anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of traditional chicken wings, these Buffalo Boneless Chicken Wings are an irresistible side dish. Some reviewers suggest substituting chicken breasts for chicken strips. The only thing that can make crispy roasted Brussels sprouts better is a hearty dash of Buffalo sauce. “I didn’t plan on eating them all myself, but I did!” says user NeedsPepper.

These wraps are layered with tender Buffalo chicken, fresh lettuce, crisp celery, and creamy blue cheese dressing. Great for a quick, portable lunch! Add an extra bite to your chili with the addition of Buffalo sauce. User Kristie Ann Yost May says, “Living my whole life in Buffalo was perfect for me!” No need to go out looking for a basket of wings! Make your own at home with this simple recipe.

Tender cauliflower florets are the perfect vehicle for a thick layer of Buffalo sauce. Both vegetarians and carnivores will enjoy this roasted vegetable. Sometimes you just need a simple weeknight meal the whole family will enjoy, and this Buffalo Chicken Skillet checks all of those boxes. A small dash of Buffalo sauce elevates a plate of deviled eggs without making them too hot. Remember to serve with an extra bottle of hot sauce on the side for the true spice lovers.

Chicken shouldn’t have all the fun! Try these delicious Buffalo Sauce Shrimp too. Tempeh is a great option for vegetarians looking for a “meatier” texture. This recipe includes a blue cheese and celery salad for topping. A slow cooker takes most of the work out of these terrifying crispy taquitos. “It was great and super simple,” says Soup Loving user Nicole. This flavorful French toast is a spice lover’s dream. Thick baguette slices are covered in dough and Parmesan cheese before deep-frying and drizzling with buffalo sauce.

Great to serve as appetizers or to spice up your spaghetti night, these buffalo-style meatballs are winners in every way. a great recipe to turn to. Start this slow cooker recipe the night before or early in the morning, and these tender Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches will be ready for start time! “This went incredibly well with my husband and his friends,” says user MMOH.

Pair your favorite dip with Buffalo Chicken in this great tailgate appetizer. You can use the slow cooker, or other users suggest mixing the ingredients together and baking the sauce with a sprinkle of cheese on top. Wings are often served with French fries, so why not combine the two into one irresistible snack? “Hands down, the best potato wedges I’ve ever had,” says Soup Loving user Nicole.

Try this healthier twist on chicken wings by cooking tofu in the air fryer. The secret to this recipe is to freeze the tofu beforehand to create a chewier texture. Crispy wontons filled with creamy Buffalo chicken are a stellar appetizer for potlucks, parties and watching football.

Crispy wontons filled with creamy Buffalo chicken are a stellar appetizer for potlucks, parties and watching football. Cold pasta salad gets piping hot with the addition of Buffalo sauce. Want to make this recipe even easier? Use shredded rotisserie chicken instead of defrosting it yourself. Crispy sole fillets are a perfect match for Buffalo sauce. This recipe is naturally gluten-free thanks to the cornmeal coating.

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