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When Allrecipes was first launched in 1997, we didn’t publish all the recipes. In fact, we only post cookie recipes (we started out as There were no meat pies or casseroles, just biscuits. Our first published recipe was this Missy’s Neapolitan Cookies I, which currently has a 4.5 star rating and 95 reviews.

It’s safe to say we’ve changed since then, but what hasn’t changed is our overall mission: to celebrate the expertise of home cooks and offer inspiring recipes and advice. Over the past 25 years, our Allrecipes community and editors have posted over 55,000 recipes: sharing the apple pie her grandmother used to make and her husband’s favorite pasta recipe she’s been making for years.

Today we’re taking a step back—because it’s our 25th birthday, after all—and honoring our top 10 recipes of all time. These are the recipes she’s made over and over again, which have racked up many millions of views over the years. To really put them on a pedestal, we’ve also asked some of our favorite cooks to make one of the recipes and tell us why they think it’s amazing. And yes, one of the recipes in the top 10 just happens to be a chocolate chip cookie.

You can’t beat a classic, and this old-fashioned pancake recipe (submitted by Dakota Kelly back in 2000) is all the proof you need. “This is a great recipe that I found in my grandmother’s cookbook,” Dakota said. “Judging by the worn look of this recipe card, this was a family favorite.” The Allrecipes community obviously can’t get enough of these deliciously fluffy pancakes – this powerful recipe has racked up nearly 18,000 ratings and over 14,000 reviews since it was published.

Not only is this Banana Bread the #2 Allrecipes recipe of all time, but it has made headlines! Recipe creator Shelley Albeluhn appeared on the Toronto Star in 2019 and revealed that she never expected her banana bread hack to generate millions of views and over 16,000 ratings. As she explained in the article, “I remember thinking, ‘Let’s see how we can do this with bananas, so let’s put in another banana, and then another and another.'” As it turns out, Shelley’s extra fruity version of banana bread has made thousands of home cooks happy since she shared her recipe 22 years ago.

First published on January 17, 2000, Janet Shum’s classic meatloaf recipe has been saved, printed, rated, and reviewed thousands of times. Topped with a tangy ketchup-mustard glaze, it’s a simple comfort food recipe that checks all the dinner boxes: inexpensive, easy, and ready in just over an hour. It also makes great leftovers! Check out this glowing review from last month: “Fantastic meatloaf – makes great next day sandwiches!” –Janice Farrell Killinger

John Chandler’s famous lasagna is truly “The Best in the World”. Since it was published 22 years ago, this top-rated recipe has taken on a life of its own: John and his lasagna have been featured in The Washington Post and on Good Morning America. Community members love it for its relative ease, basic ingredients, and adaptability (reviewers love to share how they tweaked the recipe to make it their own). Unfortunately, John passed away unexpectedly earlier this year; He read all about his life and his legacy here.

Dora shared her chocolate chip cookie recipe back in 1998, and clearly this was before the days of recipes preceded by lengthy anecdotes and endless tips. Quite the contrary, Dora’s introduction to the recipe was short and sweet, just four words that sum up these cookies perfectly: “Crispy edges, chewy halves.” And what else do we need in a chocolate chip cookie? This recipe has been delivered time and time again and has certainly earned the title of “best” – Dora’s Cookies has become Allrecipes’ Best Cookie Recipe of All Time and the fourth most viewed recipe on Allrecipes in general. With over 18,500 ratings, they are the most reviewed cookies on the internet with at least 880,000 cookies made (that means at least 55,000 gallons of milk for dipping!).

Recipe creator BILL ECHOLS shared his recipe for homemade taco seasoning in 2002, which means he’s been seasoning food for two decades. Why is this recipe so loved by the Allrecipes community? The warm, smoky spice blend is easy to make with ingredients many home cooks already have on hand, like chili powder, onion powder, and paprika. “Just the perfect mix of everything,” says critic Suzanne Allen. “Now

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