For a subtle, less over the top glow, try a crystal highlighter.

With a few simple strokes, these clever highlighters can add the perfect evening glow and enliven a wintry pallor.

I like the highlighter almost as little as the lip gloss. There’s something about that obvious, aggressively shimmery powder look that I associate, a little too strongly, with the early days of Instagram and it already felt dated back then. If I ever add glow to the high parts of my face, it will always be with a cream highlighter rather than a powder (Rose Inc is the best), but I’m not an instinctive lover of daily glow.

A glass highlighter is another story, especially now that they’re easier to find. Instead of dry, shimmering particles, glass highlighters deliver a subtle light reflection, almost wet glow that looks and feels, at least to me, a lot more sophisticated and less “night at the razz.”

It has a pearly shimmer with a hint of peach that flatters any skin tone, daylight or strobe.
They’re also a more logical finishing touch to a modern, minimalist evening makeup with a bold lipstick, liner, or smudge of liner and bronzer to enliven the winter pallor.

Simply stroking a glass highlighter along the cheekbones and browbones, and maybe a bit down the nose as well, makes everything look less effortless and consequently more elegant. Victoria Beckham Beauty (a brand few expected to be as good as it has proven) is my favorite glass highlighter. Beckham’s Reflect Highlighter Stick Enlarged Lipstick (£36) is small enough to fit in an evening bag, and thick enough to make proper application possible after three glasses of wine.

It has a pearly shimmer with a hint of peach that is super flattering on any skin tone, whether bathed in daylight or battered by strobe lighting. The creamy, non-greasy texture leaves a sleek, grown-up glow that could pass for good health and light exertion instead of makeup.

It has a lot in common with Westman Atelier’s beautiful and gift-worthy Lit Stick in Nectar, though it’s a more noticeable peach undertone and is even more expensive at £44.

If, like me, you’re a part-time highlighter, you may want to lower your cost per swipe. In which case, e.l.f’s wonderful Jelly Pop Glow Stick offers all the glow of the rest for just £8.

This plump, twisty stick claims to have a golden hue (it looks more like a soft pink to me, but it’s still lovely). It lacks the outer glamor of Victoria Beckham’s, with its gold ribbed shell (and it’s a bit shimmery on the skin, too), but it gets the job done very well and is a dead ringer for Merit’s Day Glow, a very popular crystal highlighter. in the US, launching here this month.

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