Men’s grooming products: 10 of the best

Men’s skincare now includes scrubs and eye creams

Men’s Skin Care: Is It Time To Upgrade Your Regimen?
Men’s Skin Care: Is It Time To Upgrade Your Regimen? Photography: Caterina Tri/Alamy
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What does the term “male grooming” really mean? I ask because I know it evokes different ideas for different people. Whatever your opinion, it is clear that this concept has evolved and expanded over the years. And that’s not bad; otherwise, you’d be looking at a page with basic razors and body sprays so toxic they could decimate a rock. These days, the idea of ​​men’s grooming isn’t so narrow (or awful). It includes products and services that, historically, were only aimed at women. Like eye creams. Now they are no longer specific to women because guess what? Dark circles and puffy eyes do not discriminate. Facials have also gone from being a pampering but futile exercise that has no visible positive impact on your skin’s condition to something that addresses specific concerns and is results-oriented. And it is inclusive of men. Earlier this year, Sarah Chapman, known for offering game-changing facials to A-listers, launched Men’s Facial, which addresses everything from shaving-induced irritation to congestion. Men are also getting more and more pedicures and manicures, fragrances are now being formulated and marketed as gender-neutral, and skincare brands are finally realizing that ultimately no one likes walking around with skin dull and dead looking. So launching a decent cleanser, moisturizer, or exfoliator that just “talks” to women isn’t just leaving money on the table, it’s silly.

1. Horace Mattifying Face Moisturizer £15,
2. Granado Néroli Cologne £48,
3. Humanrace Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar £15,
4. Perricone Vitamin C Ferulic Brightening Under Eye Cream £61,
5. Kiehl’s Daily Refining Milk- Peel Toner £52,
6. Loewe Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Body Lotion £61,
7. Soho Skin Lip Balm £15,
8. Necessaire The Deodorant Gel £18,
9. Twentynine Palms Pinyon Poet Body Wash £37,
10. Louis Vuitton City of Stars £215,

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