Our 20 most popular recipes in October

No matter what the weather forecast says in your region, comfort food season is in full swing at Allrecipes! Our community had an exciting selection of dishes that they loved in October. Not only were the pizzaghetti and potato, spinach and cheese quiche a hit with our home cooks, but also some classics like casseroles, pancakes and tuna melt. There’s no denying that these easy and delicious recipes deserve a spot on your menu this week.

As the temperature keeps getting colder, you’ll need a nice, warm and flavorful recipe like spaghetti to keep you cool while enjoying your favorite fall activities. This casserole-style spaghetti dish is packed with ground beef, your favorite spaghetti sauce, cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, and some sharp cheddar cheese. Make this chicken pasta that practically melts in your mouth with every bite! Not only are you trying some savory spices like ground black pepper, cumin, paprika, Italian seasoning, and garlic powder, but also a hot and spicy Italian dressing. After making this dish, you’ll have a hard time storing leftovers in your fridge.

Enjoy delicious breakfast bread mixed with sweet sugar and spicy cinnamon. This tasty quick bread goes great with your morning coffee or tea, or with a glass of cold milk. The rich, meaty sauce pairs perfectly with sharp onions and tender hamburger steak to create a hearty meal. Recipe creator Anne Marie Sweden adds that she can serve this dish over hot rice or mashed potatoes. She creates four mouth-watering sesame chicken noodle bowls that will let you savor the flavor of different spices, luscious vegetables, and succulent cooking oils. This lunch or dinner meal only takes about 40 minutes to prepare, so your taste buds won’t have to wait long.

Once you try this chicken dish, you will be dreaming about it forever. Fried chicken covered in a creamy white sauce and served with rice or vegetables on the side creates a delicious meal that will have your guests asking you to make it again for their next gathering. If you love pizza and spaghetti then we highly recommend you give this recipe a try! A cross between classic Italian meals with the nutritious complements of olives and mushrooms, this wholesome meal is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

This velvety, cheesy soup is perfect to make when you’re trying to stay warm during the chilly fall season. “I followed the recipe exactly and it was delicious! And, in fact, it beats Panera,” says reviewer Sam Bullock. Enjoy popular breakfast staples like sausage, cheese, eggs, and biscuits all in this casserole. Not only will you be able to sample these classic breakfast foods, but they are all combined with a rich-tasting sauce.

Put that package of ground beef to good use and prepare a one-pan dinner that will have you and your entire family grinning from ear to ear. Whether you’re trying to use up leftover ingredients or just looking for a new dish to make, this one skillet dinner is the perfect easy option. Make your work lunch a little more exciting with these Simple Tuna Melts! Cheddar cheese, pickled jalapenos, onions, and tuna come together on English muffins (or the bread of your choice) to create simple sandwiches that are bursting with flavor.

Make the perfect pork chops in your deep fryer with this recipe that gets you on the table for lunch or dinner in 25 minutes or less. Don’t stop there: To really create a filling meal, add your favorite vegetables or garnish. With this Air Fryer Blackened Chicken Breast Dish, you can create tender, juicy blackened chicken without ever having to use your skillet. Plus, recipe reviewer Jay Braun says this recipe works well with boneless pork chops, too.

Starchy potatoes, slightly sweet spinach, and cheese blend perfectly to create a creamy quiche dish. After you try this hearty breakfast cake, it will become one of your favorite morning recipes. You and your picky kids will love these juicy chicken nuggets! They are appetizing and easy to prepare; In addition, you can prepare your favorite dipping sauces.

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