The 20 Best Traditional Christmas Dishes

Here they are, the Christmas classics! Here are the top-rated main course and side dish recipes you need for the perfect traditional Christmas dinner. They cover the savory side of Christmas dinner, from ribs, baked ham, and roast turkey to scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. For a taste of the sweet side, check out our Top 12 Christmas Desserts.

“A great holiday ham glaze should have three things: wonderful flavor, a beautiful, glossy appearance, and a crunchy, crispy crust that can be heard across the room,” says Chef John. “I’m happy to report that this easy-to-make frosting has all of those things in spades.”

This classic scalloped potato recipe showcases the flavors of baked potatoes and onions in a creamy sauce. “This is how my mom always made her scalloped potatoes,” says janebp. “The measurements are taken from other recipes because she always improvises, but the method is the same. The key is to heat the milk first!” Another classic Christmas garnish casserole. “This great variation on the traditional green bean casserole is topped with fried onions and Cheddar cheese,” says Jan.

“One of the secrets to a juicy, delicious, and beautiful turkey is spreading butter under the skin,” says Chef John. “You can season the butter however you like; the possibilities are endless.” This mashed potato doesn’t shy away from butter or cream. “I only do this on holidays, and everyone wonders what it is they have that makes them so rich,” says Saltair4. This boneless short rib roast is rubbed with horseradish and mustard, sprinkled with seasonings, and grilled to perfection. “I think this was absolutely the best meat dish I’ve ever made,” says Diane Yearns. “It was absolutely delicious and I would love to make it an annual Christmas tradition.”

“According to legend, Yorkshire puddings were traditionally cooked in a pan with fat, in the back of a chimney, under a large piece of roast beef,” says chef John. “The smoky heat from the fire, along with all the other goodness dripping into the pan from the meat, must have made for quite a delicious pie. Though limited by modern ovens, we can still get close to the original using actual rendering.” beef fat, without which you’re just eating a popover.”

If you don’t want a whole prime rib, Beef Wellington makes an equally spectacular entrée. “My 20-something son and I made this Christmas Day,” writes nzp. “We did individual fillets, and really the only change we made was that we chopped the mushrooms instead of slicing them. We made it a little more manageable when eating it. This was my first time making Beef Wellington and now I have my recipe for life! “Duck is one of the traditional Christmas foods in Germany,” says Barbara. “The duck should be marinated for at least 12 hours before roasting. We pair it with broccoli and duchess potatoes. The stuffing can be used for other birds as well.”

“Simple and delicious with all the colors of Christmas!” says France C. “It’s very versatile and you can swap it out for different nuts or cheeses. I’ll definitely do it again!” “Everyone loved this at Christmas dinner,” says Tammy Lynn. “It looked really nice next to the rest of the salads. And to cast my vote on the Frozen vs. Refrigerated versions, I prefer the cold ones.”

“This is the best candied sweet potato recipe I’ve ever had and the easiest,” says GRAMHOME. “I got compliments at Christmas and requests for the recipe.” “Even haters of beans or vegetables love them,” says Chelsey Carr. “Super quick, too. My aunt made these once for Christmas dinner, and they were a huge hit. I take them everywhere.” Roast goose is the storybook entrée for Christmas dinner. And this recipe makes things a breeze by starting with a pre-cooked smoked bird. The bird comes out rich, moist and delicious with crispy skin.

“WOW! This is so good I couldn’t stop eating it out of the casserole and I’ve never been a fan of cranberry sauce!” says Janet G. “If you can boil water, you can do this.” “It’s delicious!” Tatana raves. “Easy to cook, looks great on the table. My guests were impressed! A perfect vegetarian dish!”

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